Residence Hall Order

Article I General Conditions
Article II Residence Hall Housing Policy
Article III Housing Determination
Article IV Housing Placement and Social Capacity
Article V Rental Payment
Article VI Housing Termination
Article VII Rights and Duties of Residents
Article VIII Rights and Duties of the University Residence Hall Director
Article IX Internal Rules
Article X Residence Hall Order Effectiveness


Article I
General Conditions

  1. Kaunic`s Residence Hall (further „Residence Hall“) is part of the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (further „UVPS Brno“).

  1. Residence Hall operation and management is being ruled and supervised by the UVPS Brno Status, the UVPS Brno Code of Regulations and the Residence Hall Rules and Regulations.

  1. Housing is regulated by the Residence Hall Housing Agreement, the Residence Hall Order, the Residence Hall Operation Rules, the Code of Civil Law, namely § 2326-2331 and others, and by the Code of Czech Law at all.


Article II
Residence Hall Housing Policy

  1. The UVPS Brno Rector establishes the advisory authority, which is in charge of the Residence Hall housing policy: University Residence Hall Committee.
    The Committee consists  of Vice-Rector for Education (further „Vice-Rector“) and of Residence Hall administration Deputy.
    The Committee deals with basic and underlying issues regarding housing of residents.
    Its responsibility further concerns to:
    -    determination of general criteria for housing consideration
    -    housing schedule approval

Article III
Housing Determination

  1. There is no legal claim of accommodation in the University Residance Hall.

  1. Criteria of housing are determinated by the University Residence Hall Committee. Residence Hall administration office is released on the official notice board or provides to applicants other appropriate way of information.

  1. Housing is available only on the basis of the written application form presented to the Residence Hall - Housing Section officer at Králova St. 45, Brno, in terms assigned by the Director.

  1. The Housing Section processes and considers all the submitted applications according to the stated criteria and consecutively makes list of accepted applicants for housing in the Residence Hall. The list of all the newly accepted residents and also non-accepted housing applicants is released on the official notice board or by other appropriate means.
    The newly accepted UVPS residents are informed via official document sent to their home address placed into the application form.

  1. Non-accepted housing applicants are allowed to launch the written withdrawal to the Residence Hall Director hands for re-consideration of the final decision within the appropriate period. The Residence Hall Director together with the Vice-Rector estimate reasons and provide the written reply within 30 days. The decision is then final.

  1. The agreement obligation does not mean the concrete housing placement at the Residence Hall. The Residence Hall Housing Agreement specifies the requisted place only in case of free housing capacity. In case of actual necessary reasonable conditions the resident´s housing place can be  changed according to the Residence Hall Director decision.  

  1. The Housing Agreement is concluded between the UVPS student and the Residence Hall Director (further „quartermaster“) during the room take-over.

  1. The Housing Agreement is signed for the period of academic year (weeks of teaching and examinational  period) according to the teaching schedule of each Faculty. The accommodation in the frame of the  Residence Hall can be provided also in remaining period of year depending on the space capacity.

  1. Agreement obligation is cancelled in case, a resident does not sign the Housing Agreement in determinated period before his official date of accommodation beginning, and further in case, he does not officialy inform the Residence Hall head-staff about serious reasons of his/her absence in the Residence Hall in the term agreed.
    When the capacity of rooms is sufficient, the married couples can be accommodated together in reserved parts of the Residece Hall. Housing is provided under the same conditions as to single residents.


Article IV

Housing Placement and Social Capacity

  1. The housing area means the residential space with the facility where the student´s bed is located.

  1. The common areas mean the place serving to the live-function of the Residence Hall available and serving equally to all the residents, for example reading rooms, social areas, kitchen unites, etc.

  1. Residents are allowed to use the housing and social areas to their offcial purpose only .

  1. During the Housing Agreement procedure a resident is acquainted and takes over the living-place. In case of disaccordances or damages found on equipment, the Residence Hall officer writes down the protocol signed by resident.

  1. Each resident has the duty of keeping his/her room clean.

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use any part of the Residence Hall object for commercial or other private actuvities.


Article V
Rental Payment

Residents are required to pay their housing charges commencing the date of the Housing Agreement. The rental is determined by the UVPS Brno Bursar. Terms and conditions of payment are mentioned in the Housing Agreement.


Article VI
Housing Termination

  1. Housing is terminated by:
    1. the day of expiration of the Housing Agreement
    2. the day of check out of the resident
    3. the written dimissal which becomes effective within 14days after the day of delivery to the other party
    4. the day of interruption, finalization, abandonment or expulsion from studies
    5. the unexpected need of removal of the building (or the part of the object) from the operation as a result of breakdown and Art. VIII, par. 1c) can not be applied
    6. the resignation on the Housing Agreement by Residence Hall
      Residence Hall can resign to the Housing Agreement from the following reasons:
      • the resident, despite of written warning, continues violation and breaching of the Housing Agreement, Residence Hall Rules and Regulations, Residence Hall Operation Rules, Code of Czech Law regarding residents Art. I, par. 4 or violated the rules under the drug or alcohol influence
      • the resident is rude or acts roughly to a member of the Residence Hall staff, to other resident, or to anybody else in the housing and adjacent area
      • the resident does not pay rent in the specified terms
    7. the written dismissal which becomes effective within 14 days after the day of its delivery to the resident
      The dismissal from the Residence Hall comes after
      • presentation of false statements in the application form that would effect the consideration of submitting the resident and the housing
      • not meeting student´s obligations and therefore dismissed from University. The final decision comes from Dean of Faculty in written from.


  2. Resident is allowed to ask within 3 days after decision delivery (request in written form) the University Residence Hall Committee for the review of the dismissal, par. 1g). University Residence Hall Committee estimates reasons of the request and replies in written form within 7 days. The decision is then final.


  3. Foreign residents must vacate their assigned rooms at latest one month from the dismissal delivery, interruption, finalization, abandonment or expulsion from studies.


  4. At the moment of dismissal for any reason, there is no claim to the compensatory accommodation and resident is obligated to leave the room to the date of termination. In case of violation can be moved out by force and is responsible for financing possible damages put to the Residence Hall.

Article VII
Rights and Duties of Residents

  1. Resident´s right of using the Residence Hall housing and social area (Art. IV) on the basis of Housing Agreement is the personal individual right of concrete person not transferrable to anybody else.


  2. Resident has right:
    1. to be provided with the basic equipment of the dwelling (stock list of the room) and to be provided the basic equipment maintenance.
    2. to be provided with the access card which entitles holder to enter the Residence Hall and room key to their room upon check in.
    3. for the privacy. Strangers and quartermaster`s delegates are allowed to enter the room with the dwelling resident´s permission only.
    4. to be provided with clean bed linen periodically.
    5. to receive guests respecting Art. IX
    6. to submit suggestions, observations and comments regarding Residence Hall operation and services to the Residence Hall Office or Vice-Rector.
    7. to use facultative electrical appliances free of charge or for the charge stated in the official pricelist on the notice board.
    8. to ask for the change in the housing contract always at the end of the calendar month.


  3. Resident is obligated:
    1. while check-in to identify themselves with
      • the official notice of acceptance from the Residence Hall (Art. III, point 4)
      • valid ID card or passport
      • valid ISIC card or the confirmation of study at UVPS Brno
      • one pc of photo
      • pay the deposit for MG access card
      • show the negligence-damage insurance payment voucher or pay the insurance upon the check
      • to provide bank account number from which the rent is going to be paid
      Resident can be represented only by authorized person who disposes the verified procuration.
    2. respect and follow
      • Residence Hall Rules and Regulations
      • Operation Rules of Residence Hall
      • Fire security and Safety and Health prevention instructions
      • Instructions and recommendations of Rector, academic staff and Residence Hall director regarding the housing policy and accommodation in Residence Hall.
      All the presented instructions, regulations and directions are available on the official Residence Hall notice board or in the Residence Hall area, especially regarding to the Fire security and Safety and health prevention rules released next to the concrete facility (electric equipment).
    3. to hand-over the dwelling as specified in the Housing Agreement, to follow instruction of the Residence Hall Director, unless it does not break Residence Hall Order or other directives.
    4. to respect the principles of social life, the needs of other residents and to avoid situations which could endanger persons and property, or to interrupt internal order and life, as well as the Residence Hall correct credit.
    5. to respect basic Hygiene, Fire, Safety and Health instructions, to keep dwelling according to the Residence Hall standards.
    6. to act correctly and carefully in the living and social spaces, to keep order and to avoid damages
    7. to lock the door of room whenever leaving if no-one stays in.
    8. to pay the rental charge determinated by the UVPS Brno Bursar accordig to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Housing Agreement. In case of late payment the Residence Hall is entitled to charge a penalty presented in the housing contract.
    9. to identify yourself with the Residence Hall access card when entering the Residence Hall area to the Residence Hall staff, to the doorkeeper or show the card to the authorized person.
    10. to be economical with the energy, hot and cold water.
    11. to enable the Residence Hall Staff the entry while checking the instructions, directives, terms and conditions observance (accorditg to e point), during the repairs or checking equipment and facilities. Regarding the resident´s privacy, the inspection are executed from 8:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.
    12. to participate in inspection according to k point if necessary.
    13. to inform the office or reception desk immediately about any faults or damages within the Residence Hall area
    14. after the Housing Agreement termination:
      • to leave the place under the conditions of origin and to hand-over the place to the authorised person. In case of faults or damages to protocol the report.
      • to hand over all the equipment, access card, room-key and to check out off the Residence Hall.
      • to pay all the expenses and penalties caused by the resident´s fault or to pay other prospective loss decided by the Residence Hall Director.


  4. Residents are forbidden to:
    1. change the room without the Residence Hall Director´s or authorized persons`s permission.
    2. to receive guests violating Art. IX of Residence Hall Order.
    3. to handle with any kind of assembled equipment or to act with unproved facilities
    4. to exchange the room locks, unless allowed by the Residence Hall Director. Such exchange would be done on the resident´s expenses. Resident is obliged to put everything to the origin until the Housing Agreement termination.
    5. to tum-over or remove the room furniture, to exchange the furniture with the other students or to use in the room the furniture of his own. This is possible after the Residence Hall Director´s permission only.
    6. to smoke outside the restricted are
    7. to park car or the van within the Residence Hall area without permission
    8. to possess fire-arms, weapons and any kind of guns and explosives.
    9. to keep animals in the room
    10. to store bicycles and other sport equipment in the room
    11. to keep food or any subjects on the outside window sill
    12. to enter or operate in the Residence Hall service and operating area (heat exchange station etc.).

Article VIII
Rights and Duties of the University Residence Hall Director

  1. Residence Hall Director is entitled to:
    1. sign, change or terminate Housing Agreement with respect to regulations and directives.
    2. ask for the financial compensations of damage caused by the resident
    3. change the room or housing area if necessary or to change the Housing Agreement conditions if it is in accordance with the Residence Hall Order or another official instruction respectively.


  2. Residence Hall Director or authorized person is entitled to:
    1. allow the exception to the restrictions stated in Art. VII par. 4 point d), e), j) and give approval to follow point. a) of the same Art.
    2. inspect rooms and housing area in terms of Art. VII, par. 3 point k, l). To avoid the immediate danger or extreme emergency situations, the staff is entitled to enter room without following the official time schedule.


  3. Residence Hall Director has the duty to:
    1. ensure general following of the Residence Hall Order and in the terms of financial, material and technical framework to improve the agreed housing conditions.
    2. present and promote the Residence Hall Order as well as other above mentioned rules and regulations regarding to the Residence Hall on the official notice board (Art. VII, par. 3, point b)
    3. keep residents informed about any changes and important facts influencing the Residents Hall operation and housing conditions in advance.

Article IX
Operation of the college

  1. Office hours are stated in the Residence Hall Operation Rules.


  2. Night-silence hours atarts at 22.00 p.m. and finishes at 6.00 a.m. During this period all the residents are obliged to keep quiet, namely to play musical instruments, sing and speak loudly. It is necessary to turn-down the radio, TV and other equipment to avoid noise to interfere outside and disturb other residents.


  3. Visitors are allowed to:
    1. visit after the valid identification document submittion (ID card, passport, resident permission etc.) and proper record into the visitor´s book at the porter´s until 23.00 p.m.. Visitors leave the residental place until 24.00 p.m.
    2. visit out off the time of night silence (Art. II). Visitor is not allowed to enter against room-mate´s will.
    3. visit during night silence (Art. II) in determined social spaces only.


  4. Resident is responsible for his visitor´ behaviour and for keeping the Residence Hall Order, he is further responsible to the damage cause by the visitor.


  5. Strange persons without the valid Housing Agreement disposal are not allowed to spend any time within the Hall of Residence.


  6. The Residence Hall Order is further ruled by Operating Order released by the Residence Hall.

Article X
Residence Hall Rules and Regulations Effectiveness

University Residence Hall Rules and Regulations have become valid since September 1, 2009.


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