Kaunic´s Hall of Residence History

The Kaunic´s Hall of Residence (further KSK) objects have been built-up in 1922 – 1923. The plans followed the project of Prof. Karel H. Kepka of Brno Technical University. General construction was supported and financed from the resources created by donation of JUDr. Vaclav Earl of Kaunic, whose Honour the new building was named in.


The KSK has served as a home of cca 500 university students with active social, sport and culture rush until October 17, 1939, when, after the Nazi occupation, it has been changed into police prison including the GESTAPO Directory. After the World War II finished, the KSK objects were considerated to become the Monument of the World War II Revolt, but at the end it was decided to follow the decisive opinion and to provide objects to their origin purpose.


Thanks to the above mentioned history, the KSK was declared the National Cultural Monument in 1978.
Since January 1999 the KSK has became property of University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno. The buildings in very bad condition were overhanded to general reconstruction and updating following architectural project of Ing. Arch. P. Stojan. The reconstruction has been finished in July 2001, the opening ceremony was performed in September 13, 2001.


Newly shaped KSK buildings became then one of the important Brno City dominants.










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