Opening hours and rules of Gym`s management

 Opening hours:



Opening hours




Monday          9.00-15.00

Tuesday         9.00-15.00

Wednesday   9.00-15.00

Thursday       9.00-13.00; 15.00-20.00

Friday            9.00-15.00

Saturday, Sunday  -   closed




Gym supposes to be used only for conditional training or sport training.



 Exercising at the gym is allowed


-       for students of VFU with teacher as a part of physical education classes


-       for all members of VSK VFU (University sport club) who have paid the membership annual fee (400,-CZK for 1 year by secretary of Sport institut VFU Mrs. Pivnickova). 



It is allowed to enter the gym only with a valid membership card

-       at the time when there is no education only by the entrance from the tennis courts

-       at the time of regular education only by the main entrance


Everybody must change her/ his shoes at the entrance hall!

    1. General conditions of the gym‘s management


-       everybody must respect safety rules while exercising

-       everybody must respect hygienic rules and keep the gym tidy ( place the weights on its place after finishing to exercise)

-       after entering the gym, place your VSK membership card on the board at the front door

-       minimal number of people at the gym 2 – safety regulations

-       maximal number 10  - capacity reasons

-       keep the changing rooms, shower and toilets tidy

-       person who is leaving the gym as a last one is supposed to shut the windows and turn off the lights. Keep the door of the changing room and from the showers open – because of the air circulation.

-       all the defects at the gym, changing room, shower or toilet supposed to be immediately report to Dr. Petr Krátký or to other teacher.


Breaking the rules will be punished by prohibition of the gym entrance immediately.

 When breaking the rules repeatedly VSK VFU membership will be cancelled.

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