The History of KSK

The building was constructed in the years 1922-1923 according to the project of the professor of Česká technika (Czech Technical University) in Brno, Karel H. Kepka from the financial resources provided as a gift by the earl Judr. Václav z Kaunic, and in his honour the building was called Kaunic´s Hall of Residence.

The hall of residence served as the home for approximately 500 university students with an active social, sports and culture bustle until 17-11-1939, when it was conwerted into the police prison of Brno Gestapo governing office. After the World War II it had been considered to convert Kaunic´s Hall of Residence into the monument of rebellion, but later the opinion to reconstruct the building for its original purpose overweighed. Thanks to its war history it was declared a National historic landmark in 1978.

On 1 January 1999 the building of the hall of residence was gained by the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University of Brno. The hall was in a very bad building condition and therefore it was necessary to proceed to its overall rebuilding and modernising in June 2000 realised under ing. arch. Stojan´s project. The rebuilding was finished in July 2001 and on 13 September 2001 it was ceremonially opened. A new form of the building of Kaunic´s Hall of Residence has become one of the dominants of Brno city.
















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