In the week of 18.5.2020 we will record your sports credits in the stack. Due to the situation in the summer semester, we will give credit to all students who are properly enrolled in TV and sports in the stack and are registered for sports within the credits (the login site of the Department of Telecommunications). There are no other requirements for credit this semester.

For those of you who need to enter credit in the index as well, we will be available the week of June 15-18, 2020 at the following times:

  • Jan Kubernát Tue, Wed 12.00-13.00
  • Jiří Chodníček Wed, Thu +9.00-10.00
  • Petr Krátký Tue 11.-11.30, Wed 10.30-11.00

Please check the sponsors of each sport. A teacher who is not the sponsor of a sport on a given day and time will not be able to give you credit.

Distribution of sport sponsors

PaedDr. Jan Kubernát

Badminton (Mon, Thurs afternoon), Bouldering, HIIT (Mon), Tabata-HIIT (Thurs), Floorball-men, Swimming (Tue), Tennis (Thurs), Zumba, Volleyball (Mon, Thurs), Sports activities led by.

Mgr. Jiří Chodníček

Badminton (Mon-dopo, Wed-odpo), H.E.A.T., Football, Jumping, Overbally-gymbally, Pilates, Swimming (Mon), Tennis (Tue), TRX, + Sports activities led by.

Mgr. Petr Krátký, Ph.D

Aerobics (Wed), Badminton (Tue, Thu-dopo), Basketball, Floorball-women, Frisbee, HIIT (Tue) , Yoga, Ju-Jitsu, Conditioning, Swimming (Wed), Table tennis, STT and LAT dance, Tennis (Mon)

We will follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health in awarding index credits ( necessary drapes, disinfection at entry, spacing ).
For students who are unable to attend on the given dates, alternative dates will be announced ( also applies to students from other countries ).

Conditions for the award of credit in sport

  • active participation in class as instructed by the teacher/instructor (2 absences are allowed)
  • If you have chosen a sport for credit and want to get credit at the end of the semester and you fail to show up to class every time, don't despair!
  • We will not consider 2 (in words, two) absences per semester. You don't have to give a reason, if you don't feel well or it's not a good time, you don't have to come to sports class 2 times a semester and nothing happens. The remaining absences will be enough to get you credit.
  • If you are absent more than 2 times in a semester and it is due to illness, if you present a medical excuse to the instructor when you are well again and come to class, your absences due to illness will be voided.
  • If you have more than 2 absences per semester and do not have a doctor's excuse, you still have the opportunity to make up the extra absences in other sports during the semester.
  • If you have more than 2 absences in a semester, do not have a doctor's note, and cannot make up the extra absences anywhere, you unfortunately cannot receive credit from us.
  • You do not need to report your planned absences from TV classes to the instructors in advance by email or in person.

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