Sports registration for the winter semester 2021/22

Electronic enrolment for the credited elective course Sport/Physical Education (PE) for MSc FVL and FVHE 1st-5th year students and VSK (University Sports Club) sports will be launched:

Wednesday 22.9.2021 at 8 pm (please register in any case, regardless of the restriction of the transfer of classes)

on the website:

Due to limited capacity, only VSK members who have paid their 2021 membership fees on time and registered on the website will be allowed to join!

You will need a valid password for the VFU mail and Stag system to enter. If you do not have a valid password for this login, please contact Ms. Ing. Dvořáčková from CIT.


The system is open to students who have registered in Stag for the elective course Sport/Physical Education (PE) for the winter semester 2021/22 and members of VSK VFU (student ID number required) who have paid their membership fees for 2021

All new and existing members of the VETUNI VSK must register using the online form at the following address:, otherwise registration for sports will not be possible.

Through VP you can only register for one term and sport, through VSK you can register for 2 terms and sports + gyms. After the semester has started, VSK members can, if they wish, personally register for all sports and terms where there is availability through the sport sponsors.

The membership fee for the calendar year 2021 is 400,- CZK for current student members of the VFU. New members pay 200,- CZK for 2/2 of the year 2021) You can also become a member of VSK VFU Brno at any time during the year.

Account number for membership fees: 1345473369/ 0800, specific symbol 1111. As a message to the recipient, you must include the student's name, personal number and membership card number (if you are not a member yet, just write instead of the membership card number-new).

Account number for payment for sports: 1345473369/ 0800, specific symbol: 2222, variable symbol according to the specific sport, see table v.s. by sport. The student's name, personal number must be included as a message to the recipient. Please consider if it is not more advantageous to become a member of the VSK VFU (the fee for students is 200,- CZK per semester).

Table of fees and variable symbols :

Fees are for one semester (Sports not listed in the table are free)

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