ISIC card

ISIC - student card of the Veterinary University of Brno

The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) is a multi-functional student card operating within the university and, thanks to the ISIC license, it is accepted as a confirmation of study by many institutions abroad and throughout the Czech Republic (including the right to a 75% discount on transport). ISIC is the only globally recognized document proving the status of a student of secondary, higher vocational or university and selected one-year post-baccalaureate study fields.

ISIC is published by the world organization ISIC Association under the auspices of UNESCO. There is no upper or lower age limit for obtaining an ISIC card. An ISIC card can therefore also be issued to a student over the age of 26 if he is enrolled in a full-time course.

Rules for the use of identity cards and cards: https://www.isic.org/terms-of-use/


Appearance of cards issued at the Veterinary University of Brno



Issuing an ISIC card at the Brno Veterinary University

Passes are issued by the CIT center building 30, ground floor, first door on the right.
First-year students will receive ISIC cards against proof of payment of a fee of CZK 350 on the day of registration or on the date published on the university's website.
Photographing, making cards and solving possible problems with the functionality of the card during the academic year is possible every Wednesday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (except holidays).
The license is valid for 16 months, for example: when issued in 09/2021, it is valid until 12/2022.

ISIC card payment for Erasmus students

Account number: 154568547/0300

VS: 41900 (for the VET MED students)      SS: date of birthday DDMMYYYY

       42900 (for HYG-ECO students)


CZK IBAN: CZ84 0300 1712 8001 1722 7743

Bank – ČSOB, M.Horákové 6, 60179 Brno, CZ

Extension of the validity of the license
Each subsequent year, after payment of the fee of CZK 300, a revalidation stamp with validity for the next year will be affixed to the card by the study officer during registration. Without a revalidation mark, the card remains a VETUNI student card, but it does not entitle the holder to the benefits associated with the ISIC license. A card without a valid ISIC license is automatically removed from the database of valid ISIC cards and will no longer be accepted by any of ISIC's contractual partners in the Czech Republic or abroad, e.g. not even by the transport company of the city of Brno.
Duplicate copies of ISIC cards will be issued by the CIT center building 30, ground floor, first door on the right on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (excluding holidays).
  • in case of loss or destruction of the ID CZK 420
  • when changing name, personal number, etc. CZK 150

Use of the ISIC card

  • identification card of a student of the Veterinary University of Brno
  • it serves as a reader's card - using the ISIC card, it is possible to self-service script borrowing in the Central Library via self-check.
  • it is also used for printing and copying services - a system for copying and printing services is in operation at the Brno Veterinary University. Copy machines connected to the system can be found in the central library (2 units), in the Kaunica dormitories (1 unit in the PC room) and Protiv's library (1 unit - FaF).
Topping up your credit is possible in the central library at the lending desk or at the Kaunica dormitories' gatehouse. A valid ISIC card issued at the Veterinary University of Brno is used for identification.
The print job can be sent from any PC connected to the system and picked up from any copier.
You can manage your account (credit status, overview and cancellation of print jobs) at https://tisk.vfu.cz. The username and password are the same as e.g. for the university mail. Instructions for using the copier and the entire system are located with each copier.
The current offer of discounts and benefits for the ISIC card in the Czech Republic and abroad can be found at www.isic.cz.