Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, education takes place within the framework of the Master’s degree programme of Veterinary Medicine in Czech and English language. The study is full-time. The standard length of study is 6 years.


Studies include subjects from the following groups: basic fields, mainly biology and chemistry; animal breeding fields, mainly animal nutrition, livestock breeding and animal hygiene, protection of animals and welfare;preclinical fields, mainly anatomy, histology and embryology, physiology, pathological anatomy, pathological physiology, microbiology, immunology, parasitology, genetics, pharmacology, toxicology and epizootology; clinical fields, mainly diseases of dogs, cats, horses, cattle and small ruminants, swine, poultry, fish, bees and exotic animals, infectious diseases, legal and veterinary public health.Studies also include a group of subjects on food hygiene and professional education . Studies include a wide spectrum of veterinary medicine. But it is strongly oriented towards diagnostics, therapy and prevention of diseases of various types of animals. Studies finish with a rigorous state exam comprised of component tests from several clinical subjects based on the student’s choice and specialization, and also component tests from infections of animals and legislation, and component tests from food hygiene. Graduates are bestowed the title of “Doctor of Veterinary Medicine” (abbreviated “MVDr”, listed before one’s name). Graduates of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine have traditionally found work primarily in private veterinary practices. In the Czech Republic, a private veterinary practice is a business based on special regulations. Therefore the number of practices isn’t limited to employment capacity in enterprises or state administration, but by the demand of citizens and enterprises for veterinary diagnostic, treatment and preventative activity, which is high especially in small veterinary practices (illness of dogs, cats and other small animals).


At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, a Doctor’s degree programme is also offered in 14 selected fields of veterinary medicine in Czech language, and 5 fields in English. Entrance exams are comprised of an interview with the applicant, in which mainly the potential student's prospects for scientific work are verified. The standard length of study is 4 years. Studies end with a state Doctoral exam and a Doctoral thesis. Graduates are awarded the academic title of “Doctor” (abbreviated “Ph.D”, listed in front of one’s name).


Lifelong Learning takes place within the framework of the Third Age university degree programme in the domain known as Man and Animal. The standard study period lasts 2 years. Lifelong Learning is also further implemented as a portion of educational courses mainly for practical veterinarians.


 - English Master's degree study programme

 - English Doctor's degree study programme


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