Basic criteria:

The basic criterion for the waiting list of students applying for accommodation in halls of residence, is for the academic year 2015-16, commuting time,i tis time figur efor the number of minutes required for transfer from place of residence of the student ( identified by Post code) to Brno. These data are processed by CHAPS s.r.o. using „ The rules for determining for the arrival".

Aditional Criteria:
Additional criterium is the point from whitch i tis credited to the following Gross of students VFU Brno to the basic criterion:

   a) Future first-year students +200
   b) Future students of final year masterś and follow-up study +200

   c) Study results-average for the previous ac.year 1,00 +200
       - 1,01-1,05 +190
       - 1,06-1,10 +180
       - 1,11-1,15 +170
       - 1,16-1,20 +160
       - 1,21-1,25 +150
       - 1,26-1,30 +140
       - 1,31-1,35 +130
       - 1,36-1,40 +120
       - 1,41-1,45 +110
       - 1,46-1,50 +100
       - 1,51-1,55 +90
       - 1,56-1,60 +80
       - 1,61-1,65 +70
       - 1,66-1,70 +60
       - 1,71-1,75 +50
       - 1,76-1,80 +40
       - 1,81-1,85 +30
       - 1,86-1,90 +20
       - 1,91-1,95 +10

  d) representation and promotion VFU Brno +100

  e) serious breach Dormitory and Operating Regulations -300

Additional criteria a) b) a student can apply during his studies at VFU Brno only once.


Additional criterion c)

Additional criterion c) the student must show proof of Learning Officers. Study results are average of all marks achieved for the previous accademic year. The cases first-year students to count the average of all marks achieved for the current academic year and students can prove it by day and of the regular examination period(academic year 2014-15 is 3th July 2015)
Additional criterion e) will be assessed individually Dormitory commussion appointed Rector VFU Brno.
A student who received additional criterion is the number of points will be addend or subtracted from the time of roll and the total number of points determined by his place in the waiting list of applicants for accommodation.

Applications who willL be Accommodated Regardless of commuting:

Foreing students – students outsider the Slovakia , for these same rules apply as for students CZ.
Both sides orphaned students.
Students study attendance day form of DSP with the exception of those who were in the previous ac. Year given a caution for a servus breach Dormitory and Operating Regulations.


Accommodation for servus Medici and Social Reasons:

Studentś accommodation for servus medici and social reasons will be assessedindividually.

Applicants who are not incluted in the waiting list for college

Students studying distance-combined form of study.

Disposals Application:

Reguest for accommodations must be made at the time and manner prescribed dormitories VFU Brno. Student whitch submits the application after the deadline for receiving applications will not be watt-listed applicants for accommodation in college. If the student put into a false application his application will be distarded from waiting-list.

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