Department of sport and physical education


Sport timetable in summer semestr 2017/2018


Dear students,

according to your curriculum you can choose 10 time during your studies sport as a voluntary subject and get credit for it (from 1. year until the 5. year of your studies).

For coming semester we have about 25 different kinds of sport in offer organized by our university.

If you want to join the sports you HAVE TO register to university sports using web interface. It will start on 14.2.2018 at 12.00 on this web link: If you want to become member of the sport club you have to visit secretary of Department of sport Mrs. Pivničková and pay the fee 400,- CZK for 2 semesters. For successful login you need your valid university password (same for university STAG system).

The registration will be running concurrently with Czech students so it will depend just on your speed if you get the place in your favorite sport or not. Please check your sport for English speaking teacher (sports in yellow fields, blue fields are lessons just for students from English program - 4U) . For some sports leading by extern instructors you have to pay special fee.


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