Studying at the university

Applicants for studying in a Bachelor, post-graduate Master, Master and follow-up Master degree programme must turn in their applications by the end of February. Entrance exams in the Bachelor and Master degree programmes as a rule take place in the month of June in Biology, Chemistry, pharmacy and Physics. Applicants are ceremonially accepted into the academic community during matriculation, during which they take the oath of a university student.


Education at the university is organized on the principle of a credit system (ECTS - European Credit Transfer System). Credits are gained through lectures, seminars, practical exercises and laboratory training. Credits can also be acquired in from education at clinics, in meat, fish and dairy workstations, in the faculty pharmacy and in specialized laboratories. Education is also provided in the form of practical training at the agricultural school farm, in companies and in-job training, such as internships in institutions and clinics of the university or at veterinary organizations, in pharmacies and other institutions. This enables students to gain practical experience in their respective fields of study. Emphasis is placed on practical training, leading to students attaining professional skills that are applicable to running their profession from day one after graduation. Traditional teaching procedures are used in education. Training is supported by multimedia, mainly during lectures and seminar training. During practical training, however, necessary traditional approaches are preserved for work in laboratories, work with biological material, work with animals, work during autopsies, work in examination rooms, as well as veterinary activity in veterinary practice and pharmacological activity in pharmacies.

Studies culminate in a graduation ceremony for graduates. The university holds traditional academic graduation ceremonies, which are considered to be the most impressive in the school's history. Graduation takes place in the University Hall, and is attended by academic officials of the university and faculties. During the graduation ceremony, graduates take a ceremonial oath, and they are presented diplomas for the degrees that they've earned, as well as their academic titles and a bilingual addendum to the diploma certifying the course of study supporting graduates' placement abroad, the Diploma Supplement.


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