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An important part of university activities is a programme known as Lifelong Learning. This study at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno includes professional education for attaining a first or second degree certification for government certifiedveterinarians. It also offers education for attaining certification based on certain laws, such as performing audits of food production companies,   supervision over protection of animals,  experiments on animals and, among others, attaining authorization to transport animals. Lifelong Learning further includes specialized courses and seminars not only for those interested in the field but also amongst the general public. A special form of Lifelong Learning is training within the framework of the so-called "Third Age University." This is mainly designed for senior citizens, and is focused on the topics of Man and Animal, Man and Healthy Foods, Health and Drugs,  Pharmaceutical and Veterinarian medicine in the Czech Republic and European Union. Lifelong Learning at the university is very popular, and studies generally end with a certificate of completion of the given course.


International Conference "POULTRY 2016"

World Poultry Science Association – Czech Branch, World Veterinary Poultry
Association – Czech Branch, Czech Association of Avian Sciences, University of
Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno, State Veterinary Administration of the
Czech Republic, Veterinary Medical Chamber of the Czech Republic
organize the international conference

"POULTRY 2016"

XV th Conference of the Czech Branch WPSA
XIX th Conference of the Czech Branch WVPA


18–19 October 2016
Hotel Myslivna, Brno, Czech Republic


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