Recognition of higher education



Overview of the legislation governing the recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic.

  • Act No. 111/1998 Coll. (amended and consolidated) on higher education institutions and on amendments and supplements to some other acts (the Higher Education Act), as subsequently amended - Section 87 k), Section 89, Section 90, Section 105, Section 106
  • Act No. 500/2004 Coll. , Administrative Procedure Code as amended
  • International treaties by which the Czech Republic is bound and which are set out in the Collection of Laws or Collection of International Treaties.

Bodies that decide on the recognition of foreign higher education and qualifications pursuant to Section 89 and Section 95 paragraph 9 of the Higher Education Act.

  1. Public higher education institution that implements accredited degree programme similar in the content.
  2. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports decides only in controversial cases or as an appellate body.

Detailed information about the recognition of higher education in the Czech Republic, visit the Ministry of Education:

The procedure for the recognition of higher education at UVPS Brno

A foreign higher education institution graduate submits an application for recognition of higher education in writing at the UVPS Department of Education.

 Popis: doc_small Certificate application form (Cz)

 Popis: doc_small Certificate application form (En)


The application must be accompanied by:

  1. the original or certified copy of a diploma, certificate or similar document issued by a foreign higher education institution, with the legalization of the authenticity of signatures and stamps on the original, in accordance with Section 90 paragraph 3 of the Higher Education Act, unless the international treaty to which the Czech Republic is bound sets differently (eg. legal assistance treaty, the Hague Apostille Convention)
  2. the original or certified copy of the Diploma Supplement, respectively the list of successfully completed courses including their extent in lessons, respectively ECTS and credits and grades achieved at exams in original certified by a foreign higher education institution
  3. upon request, respectively by additional information that the degree programme was implemented by an institution authorized to provide education comparable to higher education
  4. the written power of attorney if applied by other person than the graduate - Power of Attorney

An applicant shall submit a certified translation of the above mentioned documents into the Czech language or English language..


      e. proof of payment of the fee for the activities associated with the management of applications for           recognition of higher education, which amounts to 3,000 CZK.


Beneficiary´s Name:

Veterinární a farmaceutická univerzita Brno

Beneficiary´s Address:

Palackého tř. 1946/1, 612 42 Brno, Czech Republic

Bank Name:

Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

Bank Address:

Milady Horákové 6, 601 79 Brno, Czech Republic

SWIFT Code (Wire Transfer Address)


Bank Identifier Code / BIC:


Bank Account Number (CZK)

154 568 547 / 0300

International Bank Account Number / IBAN (CZK)

CZ74 0300 0000 0001 5456 8547

Please, include also Purpose/Reference:

91214901 + full name

Should the applicant fail to pay the fee by application delivery, he/she will be asked to complete the payment. Failure to do so within a prescribed period shall result in the termination of all proceedings regarding the processing of the submitted application in accordance with section 66, subsection 1, letter c) of Act No. 500/2004 Coll., the Code of Administrative Procedure: as a result, UVPS Brno will thus decline any further processing of the application.

Recognition of foreign higher education is decided by the UVPS Rector within the period prescribed by the Administrative Regulations.

If the application is granted by the Rector, they shall issue a decision on the recognition of higher education, attached by a certificate of recognition of higher education, which together with the documents attached to the request shall be sent to the applicant personally.

If the application is not granted by the Rector, they shall issue a decision rejecting the request.

An appeal may be brought against the refusal of the request to the Ministry through the UVPS Rector within 15 days of the date of the delivery of the refusal.

Recognition of foreign higher education does not entitle the applicant to use any of the degrees awarded to graduates of UVPS Brno.


MVDr. Hana Mášová

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612 42 Brno

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