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21. 9. 2020

Opening of the academic year 2020/2021 by the Rector of VFU Brno

Dear students and colleagues, Allow me to greet you at the beginning of the winter semester of 2020/21 and wish you all a successful start to the new academic year at our Alma mater.

10. 7. 2020

Activities of clinics, laboratories and emergency rooms unlimited

All clinics, laboratories and emergency rooms at the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno operate without restrictions. Medical care for animals is provided in full.

20. 11. 2020

Rector of VFU Brno signed the agreement of the CEITEC consortium

Rector Prof. MVDr. Alois Nečas, Ph.D., MBA signed an agreement on behalf of VFU Brno on the continuation of the CEITEC research consortium."VFU Brno stood at the birth of this Brno international research center already in 2011 and was a significant partner that significantly contributed to the results of CEITEC throughout the operation of this Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC, which formed as partners of the Brno University, ASCR and VÚVeL from the point of view of biological sciences and veterinary medicine, among other things in meeting the international parameters of contract research on animal models. ”said Alois Nečas, Rector of the VFU Brno.

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