VETUNI International Student Centre (ISC) provides counsel to international students or exchange at our university during their studies. The purpose of ISC is to help or advise our students and deal with the problems they encounter at or outside the university.

Reach out to us if you:

  • need advice on how to handle the studies during the semester or exam period
  • struggle with any subject and need help
  • encounter with injustice, unfairness, or inappropriate behaviour during lectures, practicals, or exams
  • need help with issues concerning your stay in the Czech Republic (foreign police, visa, or other necessary documentation)
  • need advice about accommodation in Brno (dormitories or rental)
  • need help with other matters outside the university (transportation, leisure activities, or medical help)

In ISC, we will strive to make your studies at VETUNI the best they can be. We are also open to your ideas on how to brighten up or improve your stay at the university, and we are ready to support your plans. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Where can you find us?

VETUNI International Student Centre (ISC) is located in the Rectorate building (on the left side when entering through the main university entrance).


Opening hours:

Monday 10:00-12:00

Wednesday 10:00-12:00




Mgr. Martina Nosková

tel.: +420 541 562 446

        +420 541 562 447



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