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Department of Physical Education and Sport

Sports at the VETUNI

You can play sports at VETUNI in two forms:

  1. I. VP - as part of the elective course Sport for 1 credit each semester (M.A. students in FVL and FVHE)
    Prerequisites - you must have the elective course Sport enrolled in the Stag for the current semester no later than 22.9.2021
    - On 9/22/2021 you must register online for the specific sport here (not valid for FVHE undergraduates)
  2. II. VSK - within the University Sports Club of VETUNI (all students and employees of Vetuni)
    Conditions - be registered online as a member of VSK Vetuni here
    - pay the membership fee for the summer semester 202/23. Info here
    - 15.2.2023 you have to register online for a specific sport here