Gym opening hours

 Gym opening hours:        link here

To use our gym, you must do the following 3 steps: 

  1. be a member of Vetuni sports club link to the online form: https://telocvik.vfu.cz/telocvik/x_tv_clenove_vsk.php?akce=new
  1. pay membership fees for the calendar year 2024

Membership fees must be paid to account number: 1345473369/ 0800, specific symbol: 1111.

IBAN: CZ80 0800 0000 0013 4547 3369

As a message for the recipient, it is necessary to indicate the name of the student, V-number

Fee for the calendar year 2024

VETUNI Brno students CZK 600 (2 semesters) 

  1. pay a one-time fee of CZK 500 for using the gym for a calendar year. Account number: 1345473369/ 0800, specific symbol: 2222, variable symbol 2112023


Starting this semester, we are canceling gym cards, exercisers will be randomly checked by the staff based on our bank statement and showwing of your ID card or ISIC.

 Please respect the opening hours of the gym and the rules of operation.

 If the main door to the gym is closed, you can access the gym from the other side of the building.

 Gym opening hours:        link here




  1. The gym is only used for fitness or sports training during the gym's operating hours.
  1. Exercise in the gym is allowed:

- to VETUNI students under the guidance of a teacher as part of PE classes,

- to all members of the VETUNI sports club who have duly paid their membership fees for the relevant calendar year.

How to become a member of the Vetuni sports club? – check the email below. 

  1. Entry to the gym is only possible with a valid membership card, namely:

- in hours when there are no classes taking place, only through the entrance to the building (from the courts),

- during other opening hours through the entrance to the building.

Trainees are required to change their shoes in the vestibules of both entrances to the building 

  1. General conditions of operation in the gym

- trainees are required to follow all safety measures during training,

- each trainee is obliged to follow the basic hygiene rules (clean clothes, and shoes, not exercise without a T-shirt, ideally use a towel on the benches) and also to maintain order in the gym (e.g. putting dumbbells and discs in their places after the exercise), one-handed dumbbells return to racks, free discs to reserved places,

- the minimum number of exercisers in the gym is two - for safety reasons, then a maximum number of ten - for capacity reasons,

- trainees maintain order and hygiene also in the locker room, shower, and toilet areas,

- the trainee who is the last to leave the gym, checks order, closes the windows, turns off the lights, and ensures that the locker room and shower doors remain open (for ventilation),

- all defects detected in the gym, locker room, or showers must be immediately reported to the staff.


For non-compliance with the operating rules, trainees will be denied access to the gym with immediate effect, and for repeated non-compliance, their membership in VETUNI sports club will be revoked!