Library catalogue

Library Catalogue



Let´s start by searching in our On-line catalogue. Search a document using author´s name, title, topic, or a year of edition. When the result of search appears, click on the title of requested document. Now information about the availability of the document in the library is displayed. If there is in the „Location of copies“ field a code starting with UK, we have the document in our Central Library (if the code starts with different letters, the document is located in one of UVS Department Libraries – and is not to borrow). If there is in at least of one of the fields „Status“ specified „Available“, than the book is in the library at the moment and you can come and borrow it.


In our on-line catalogue, while having the searched title open, click on the „Booking“ at the bottom of the screen. As a demanded authorisation password use in the first field Your student´s number (for example: V1234), second is Your secret password (same passwords as you use while login to STAG). After logging in, confirm the reservation (click on the „Send“). At the moment the document you requested is returned to the Library, you will be given a message to Your university e-mail and the book is put aside for you (at the circulation desk).


In the screen of on-line catalogue click on "Login" in the upper part of the screen. After logging in (how to log in, see the Reservations above), you will see a table with a complete history of Your reader´s account. Mark the titles you want to prolong and click on the „Prolong“. Remember: 1. Only books marked with yellow and blue stripes can be prolonged. 2. The prolongation must be done at least one day before the end of normal borrowing period.    

In a case of any problems with using of our on-line catalogue, contact librarians at the circulation desk. 


Contacts to lending department

  • e-mail: knihovna@vfu.cz
  • Simona Koudelová, DiS., e-mail: koudelovas@vfu.cz;  tel.: (+420) 54 156 2085
  • Pavlína Hejdová, e-mail: hejdovap@vfu.cz;  tel.: (+420) 54 156 2085