Operating rules

These operating rules are currently in operation for students accommodated in Kaunic’s Hall of Residence, 45 Králova Str., 616 00 Brno. 

All informations will be mediated on information boards – including these regulations, the internal code of the dormitory and all other necessary informations. The board is placed at the lobby of Kaunic’s Hall of Residence.

The building has created a system of access and security using contactless smart cards.  Upon enrollment each student receives smart card with the appropriate access authorization.  Each student is obliged to become acquainted smart card usage, opening and securing accommodation and common areas, the instructions on the use of all facilities which are equipped rooms.  Chip card loss or damage is necesarry to report immediately to the operations manager.

All accommodation and common areas have built-in security and fire alarms. 

Smoking, drugs and other narcotic and psychotropic substances usage is strictly prohibited in all buildings at the Kaunic’s Hall of Residence! 

It is permited to keep some animals at selected rooms of the dormitory. Rules for their stay and the list of permited animals are appended to the operating rules. 

College administration office hours:


7.30 am - 11.00 am

1.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.


7.30 am - 11.00 am



7.30 am - 11.00 am

1.00 p.m. – 3.30 p.m.


7.30 am - 11.00 am



no administration office hours


Students can communicate in person during business hours with operating manager or accommodation manager. They can also write their remarks to the book at the reception. Those comments will be forwarded to the college administration office. 

There is a local radio at the dormitory to inform students about important circumstances.  Local radio can be used by responsible receptionist. It can be used by student under the receptionist supervision in case of necessity.

Accommodation prices:

Block A

Double room (117-153) 

163 CZK / night / bed.

Double room

152 CZK / night / bed

Double room (61,66)

139 CZK / night / bed

Triple room

144 CZK / night / bed

Triple room (62-65) 

130 CZK / night / bed

Block A1

Double room  

157 CZK / night / bed

Block B

Single room

255 CZK / night / bed

Double room   

189 CZK / night / bed

Total monthly charge for accommodation is calculated based on number of days of each month.  It means the amount for accommodation will be not the same each month. Payment for accommodation must be made during the month for the current month (e.g. payment for November must be paid during November not later). It is possible to pay by direct debit or, for ESP students and Erasmus+ students, by transfer to the UVS Brno account. Payment in cash is possible only after written approval by the dormitory director at the dormitory administration office. The exception is September, when payments are made during October at the dormitory administration office in cash.

Fees for dogs, other animals and electrical equipment will be charged separately. 

Payments shedule for students accommodated at the Kaunic’s Hall of Residence: 

October 2nd - October 6th 2023 

payment in cash - aliquot part of September 

October 2023 - May 2024   

direct debit from the student's account (it is entered once a month from 18 - 25 day of the month)

June - August 2024

in cash  when checking out of the dormitory

When the Occupant terminates the contract, he/she is obliged to pay compensation to the Houselord pursuant to § 2223 of the Civil Code, in the amount of two accommodation fees for two following calendar months including all related fees.

Dormitory overpayment fees will be returned to student within 30 days when student’s accommodation is terminated (on the date specified at the "Contract on Accommodation"). Student will pay unpaid balance in cash upon leaving the dormitory.

Student has to pay for accommodation in cash at the dormitory office in case the direct debit cannot be made from student’s account.

Accommodated student acknowledges that in case of change of the accommodation fee student is obliged to pay the amount specified at the Operating Rules from the effective date of this change.

Bed linen is changed to accommodated students on regular base once in month; three days a week, and from 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.  Exchange dates will be published on notice board one week in advance.

Corridors, bathrooms and common areas cleaning is provided by cleaning ladies each working day from 6.00 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. It is necessary to move carefully at that time to avoid possible injury.

High students concentration increases demands on compliance with the order and cleanliness in the rooms. Due to that students have to do following cleaning cycles:


- food remains 
- kitchen after each use 

1 x per week

- wipe dust from furniture, lamps and heaters 
- to wash or to vacuum the floor in room
- trash taking out

1 x per two weeks               

- furniture washing
- refrigerator washing

1 x month

- door and door frames washing 

In case of painting or repairing technical equipment of student's rooms, students will allow these activities and then they will clean their rooms.

Students take out their trash themselves to containers located at the entrance of Králova Str.  There are containers for mixed waste, glass, paper and plastics.

There are several apartments available for University guests or for rent at the part B of the dormitory (5th floor).  Short-term students visits can be accommodated in room with student (if possible). Students have to inform the Accommodation manager in advance in these cases. Accommodation fee is charged according to the valid price list. 

Students can have visitors during night hours from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. at the reception area at the lobby only. 

Students may have electrical appliances in their rooms but they are fully responsible for their functionality. They have to pay fee for them according to the price list which is located on the notice board.

It is possible to use  following electrical appliances by directors permission due to insufficient power supply capacity: 
  • remoska
  • microwave
  • coffeemaker
  • kettle
  • fridge 
Following equipment and facilities are available for accommodated students:
  • iron
  • vacuum cleaners
  • washing machines 
  • clothes dryer
  • room for bicycles
  • multifunctional outdoor sports ground
  • table tennis room
  • billiards room
  • sauna
  • WIFI internet 
  • common room 
  • study room 
  • copy and print machine

Iron and vacuum cleaner are possible to lend at the reception. Student’s ID card is required.  User will pay a fee according to the valid price list. 

Computer usage at the dormitory study room is allowed to accommodated students at the dormitory.  

There is bicycle shed to store bicycles at the dormitory. It is located on the ground floor at the Block A. It is necessary to lend chip card at the reception for entry that room. Student’s ID card is required for that. The dormitory staff takes no responsibility for stolen or damaged bicycles which are not locked at the bike shed.

Bed linen can be rented at the reception as well. Student’s ID card is required.The fee is according to the valid price list.

Students accommodated at the dormitory have the ability to connect their own PC to the university network.  Instructions how to do it are at www.vetuni.cz.

WIFI internet usage is free. Fee for notebook and electrical appliance usage is according to the valid price list.

There are sauna and restaurant at the dormitory as well. Both, students and public can use it. 


July 14th, 2023


                     Peter Kompér, M.Sc.                                                                                                                         Radko Bébar, M.Sc., B.Sc.
                Director of the KHR VETUNI                                                                                                                         Kvestor VETUNI


Appendices are parts of these operating rules.


Annex  No 1 

List of approved electrical appliances at the Kaunic’s Hall of Residence and fees for their usage:


Fee CZK/month



remoska, toaster


Dormitories director

Will be permitted if electric capacity is sufficient.

microwave electrical oven


Dormitories director

Will be permitted if electric capacity is sufficient.



Dormitories director

Will be permitted if electric capacity is sufficient.



Dormitories director

Will be permitted if electric capacity is sufficient.



Dormitories director

Will be permitted if electric capacity is sufficient.

CD player, tape recorder, gramophone


Dormitories director


computer, laptop, printer


Dormitories director


TV set


Dormitories director


video recorder


Dormitories director




Without permission 




Without permission 




Without permission 




Without permission 




Without permission 




Without permission 


NOTE:  Permitted electrical appliances are paid monthly according to the valid price list. Used electrical appliances have to comply with Czech state standard. Student has to report to the dormitory administration all electrical appliances which are subject to charge.


Annex  No 2

Services provided to students accommodated at the Kaunic’s Hall of Residence – price list:

washing machine

1 cycle

40.00 CZK


1 hour

10.00 CZK

vacuum cleaner

1 hour

10.00 CZK


1 hour

20.00 CZK


1 hour

150.00 CZK

sun bed

1 minute

4.00 CZK

table tennis


For free

outdoor multifunctional sports ground


For free

TV set

1 month

100.00 CZK


Annex No.  3 

General rules for pets at the Kaunic’s Hall of Residence 

The stay of animals at the dormitory for these purposes is understood their ownership and care in accordance with their natural needs, with emphasis on prosperity and smooth coexistence of students and animals at the dormitory, therefore, not targeted reproduction or raising money for enrichment. 

  • The person taking care of animals is a person who keeps track of the animal (not necessarily identical with the owner of the animal), this is for the person all the rights and obligations under these regulations.  In case of finding specific person responsible for animals will be penalties for unauthorized possession of an animal at the college applied to all room’s occupants. 
  • It is allowed to stay for all species listed in Annex 4 of these rules.
  • Each student can take care in two animals maximum (maximum 3 animals in room) or possess aquarium with a maximum content of 60 liters of water for aquatic animals.  Invertebrates breeding is limited to maximum size 60l terarium. 
  • Pets are charged monthly
    • Aquatic fauna: 60,- CZK/aquarium 
    • Birds, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals: 30,- CZK/piece 
    • Invertebrates: free 
  • Stay of animals at the dormitory is allowed only with permission of the dormitory management.
  • Detection of undeclared and authorized stay of animal at the dormitory will be considered as gross violation of the Halls of Residence Regulations and will be punished in accordance with college regulations and the ban on keeping any animal for that staying in current and next academic year. 
  • No animals may suffer from diseases with zoonotic potential, or a dangerous infection for other animals. 
  • Stay of all permitted animals is possible only with permition of other residents of the room. Student agrees to all possible risks arising from the animal's stay in the room and at the same time waives any claims for compensation for damage caused by them. Roommates may withdraw their consent at any time.  If this happens, this animal is not allowed to saty in this room.
  • The animal’s stay has to be in accordance with the physiological needs of animal and at the principles of breeding the species and in accordance with safety rules. Room equipment and other students' stuff has not to be damaged. Safety rules has to be followed as well. 
  • Student taking care of animal has to ensure hygiene rules and peaceful coexistence at the dormitory. It is necessary to avoid excessive animals noise, to prevent their odor and to reduce the amount of allergens with frequent cleaning (the result of non-compliance with these rules may to expulsion the animal from the room and the student will take full responsibility for that). 
  • When the animal is in the room increased demands for cleaning must be taken into account.
  • Student taking care about the animal has to clean the room personally. Waste must be taken to containers. Water from aquariums can be poured into the toilet only. 
  • Food for animals must be stored in strict compliance with hygiene standards. It is not allowed to keep animals for feeding (crickets, larvae, mouse, etc.).  
  • Animals breeding is allowed at block A of the dormitory only. the presence of animals on block B is prohibited, in common areas, kitchens, showers, toilets etc. 
  • Animals are not allowed to move freely in the room (they have to be at cage, terrarium, etc.), or under the direct supervision of a person caring for the animal. 
  • Responsibility for animals and any damages or conflicts caused is up to student taking care for animals only. Not college dormitories or the University. 
  • Student must arrange insurance himself in case of damage caused by an animal. Otherwise, the student will pay the full amount for damages. 
  • There is the price list of the room equipment, on the basis of which the damage will be  calculated.  
  • Student taking care for the animal is fully responsible for damages. In case there are more students who také care about the animal all of them are responsible.
  • Damages will be paid by students taking care of the animals. If any problem with the animal the student has to inform dormitory staff immediately. Checks are carried out in the rooms and students have to allow to do that.
  • If the rules for the stay of animals at rooms are not followed the procedure will be as follows: 
    • If a slight violation - admonition and tougher oversight. Student will correct the misconduct. If repeated violation the animal has to leave college dormitories (notice period is one week) 
    • In gross violation - the immediate exclusion of the animal from the college dormitories 
    • In iaddition, responsible student may be expelled from the college dormitories and will  receive negative points in the next year's dormitory application
  • Besides these rules person taking care of the animal is obliged to comply with the applicable laws  (including CITES, the law of animal protection against cruelty etc.). 


Anex No. 4

List of taxa allowed for animal farming at Kaunic’s Hall of Residence

The list of prohibited species:

The invertebrate species are allowed all of them except:

  • prohibited species from the class of arachnids (Arachnida): 
    • family of tarantulas (Theraphosidae): Grammostala sp., 
    • Ctenizidae family, 
    • the family Dipluridae: Atrax robustus, Trechona venosa,
    • the family Barychelidae: Harpactirella sp., 
    • the family Loxoscelidae:  Loxosceles sp., 
    • from families with líďákovití (Lycosidae) Lycosa erythragnatha 
    • křižákovití menials (Araneidae): Mastophora gasteracanthoides 
    • from snovačkovití menials (Therididae): Latrodectus mactans 
    • from zápředníkovití menials (Clubionidae) 
    • from scorpions (Scorpiones): Centruroides genera., Tityus., Leiurus., Androctonus., Burnus,, Parabuthus., Buthacus., Buthotus Centruroides, Tityus,
  • prohibited species from insects class (Insecta): 
    • from grasshoppers (Ensifera): cvrčkovití menials (Gryllidae) 
    • cockroaches menials (Blattodea) 
    • hymenoptera menials  (Hymenoptera) 

Fish class (Piscies) are allowed all non-poisonous species. 

Amphibians class (Amphibia) are allowed all types except:

  • from class ocasatí (Caudata): velemlokovití 
  • from frogs class (Anura): No pralesničkovití (Dendrobatidae), ratchet (Ceratophrys spp.) 


Reptiles class (Reptilia) allowed all types except:

  • underclass  Crocodiles 
  • turtles class (Testudines): menials kajmankovití, menials matamatovití, menials  karetovití, menials kožatkovití, tortoises Geochelone spp.
  • from the lizards class (Squamata):
    • from underclass Lizards (Lacertilia): menials korovcovití and individuals of any species, maximum length of animals must not exceed 1 m including the tail 
    • from underclass snakes (Serpentes) are only allowed: menials užovkovití (but banned underclass bojgy (Boiginae), menials  blind snakes, menials uropeltidae, menials pahroznýškovití, the only Boas Boa Eryx spp. Lichanura spp. from this menials


Birds class (Aves) allowed only:

  • all kinds of parrots class (Psittaciformes) except: ares R. Ara, and Anodorhynchus Kakaduů R. Calyptorhynchus, Proboscigera 
  • from singers class (Passeriformes): 
  • all genera astrildů, 
    • all canaries, loskuták, nurse, goldfinch, linnet, bullfinch, bell
  • from Columbiformes class (Columbiformes): 
    • ornamental pigeons and decorative turtle doves 


Mammals class (Mammalia) are allowed only:

  • from rodents class (Rodentia) allowed all types except:
    • bobrovití menials, dikobrazovití menials, urzounovití menials, kapybarovití menials, genus Mara
  • a dog is allowed from beasts

Annex No. 5 

Addendum to general rules for the stay of dogs at Kaunic’s Hall of Residence

General rules with these accessories apply for the stay of dogs:

  • Each dog has to be marked with a tag which is possible to pick up at the dormitory office. There are rooms equipped with showers and separate toilet for dogs on the ground floor at block A.
  • Dogs can move only on the ground floor at block A and accompanied by student and the dog must be on a leash and with a muzzle.  
  • Dog’s stay is charged 250,- CZK/month
  • Dog must not be left alone without the direct personal supervision and care. 
  • Each room where a student with a dog is accommodated must be marked. 
  • In case of any problems regarding students accommodated with their dogs at Kaunic’s dormitory, it must be solved immediately by the owner of the dog and the dormitory staff has to be informed about that immediately.  
  • In case of damage in public area all persons taking care of dogs will be responsible for that.